# Bewusstsein

international, 2008-2023

Diese Serie zeigt Persönlichkeiten, denen Mona Simon auf ihren Wegen begegnet ist und die sie berührt haben. Wie zum Beispiel Ute, die in ihrem kleinen Zimmer von etwa 15 Hunden umgeben ist, sie ist die Gründerin des Weltgrössten Tierheims. Und auch die kleine Lita, die stolz ihre Arme ausbreitet und dabei die Herrscherin ihres Reiches ist, obwohl ihr Zuhause eine Müllhalde ist.

I am trying to love myself in a world where I am not enough

But in the next breath I am told I’m actually just too much

A world where it seems insincere when I’m positive and sunny

A world where if I’m being quiet, I’m asked why aren’t you being funny

A world where I had my first kiss at 12 which I stopped when he touched my boob

A world where 12-year-old me apologised to him for ruining the mood

A world where I’m called a bitch when I’m humorous and witty

A world where I am often told if I lost some weight, I’d actually be quite pretty

A world where it seems a safe space is impossible to find

A world where you can trust no one, not even your own mind

A world where self-worth and confidence seem like something to fear

A world where I make resolutions and break them at the start of the new year

A world where I feel exhausted and run down and always on the go

A world where I constantly say sorry and feel bad for saying no

So I have decided to just be who I am, exist and try my best

And give my weary mind, body and my bruised heart some very much needed rest.