My personal projects bring me to unexpected places without and within. They allow me to discover new perspectives on life, on womanhood, on identity and spirituality. 

Selfemployed in Phnom Penh

There is much to learn form other cultures and their creative way to make a living
During the 7 years I spent in Cambodia I mostly enjoyed the connection I could experience with the people around me. Something I was not used to, coming from a much colder european background.  The Ladies at the market, where I would buy my daily fresh fruits and veggies, would quickly remember me, and get concerned when not showing up for a few day, the Tuk Tuk driver next door, would call me by my name, the street vendor where I get my coconut would genuinely ask how I was doing,  the massage lady, the hairdresser, the nail lady, the backed- Banana Lady and her 2 small girls, the flower lady, the mango-shake lady an many more,  all would become part of my life and I felt like I was part of a community.  I feel deeply grateful for this beautiful connection and have learned a lot from their inspiring attitudes towards life.