Mona Simon
Visual Storytelling 

Through photography and in particular my personal projects I have been able to explore different themes I intuitively have felt drawn to and so also allowing me to reflect on my own experiences from different perspectives.

Some of the topics I have explored have to do with the importance of cultural change and belonging, resilience within the female identity, gender equality in spirituality, memories and loss, the role of womanhood in a male conditioned environment, the emotional impact of domestic violence, aso. …

The camera is a wonderful tool which allows me to observe and reflect, while aiming to make sense of our conditioned existence and find my place and personal perspective on life.

I studied Media/Graphic Design at the University of the Arts in Bremen, Germany and finalized my BA with a Photography, Book & Film project reflecting on the correlation of happiness and freedom in Cuban Communism.

I than quickly understood that my path was not going to be sitting in an advertising agency and so decided to continue my education as a visual storyteller during an MA in Photojournalism & Documentary Photography at London College of Communication which I finalized with an award winning Project called ‘Memories of a beloved Place’.

I spent 4 Years in London freelancing than moved to Cambodia where I lived for 7 years, embracing a different way of life and working with different humanitarian and environmental NGOs.

Before my returning to Europe in 2019, I began to engage in a different passion and education. Inspired by several encounters with shamans and healers in Asia and South America I decided to explore the field of Energy healing. Eventually it became more and more clear to me, how to connect my passion for visual storytelling and energy work.

Through the art of observation we get to know our inner and outer stories, we become aware of who we are on a personal and a collective level, of how our cultural, social, environmental conditioning has impacted our Self Image and our live’s experiences.

“To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.” This Quote by Socrates has resonated with me for as long as I can think. Since I was a child I have loved to observe myself, the people and the world around me, I found there was an element of healing within the knowing and understanding. As a visual storyteller and Energy Healer I can now use my tools to support others to see themselves differently and become aware that their stories are a source for growth.

Exhibitions / awards / Publications

2020 Group Exhibition (Enviornmental Activism) ATMOSPHERES OF VIOLENCE, Gallery ONCA, Brighton

2019 Documentary Book Projekt for GIZ Cambodia (Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit)

2018 Dignity Cambodia, artistic activism : The Nun’s Path – a Project aiming to raise awareness about gender issues in Theravada Buddhism, exhibited and shared in Cambodia

2017 The Mangrove Project, cooperative documentary project with Filmmaker Kalyanee Mom

2016 ‘Dignity Cambodia’ – artistic activism against domestic violence – Project Coordination, Art-consultancy

2015 ‘Dignity Cambodia’ – artistic activism against domestic violence for the local woman empowering NGO CEDAW

2014 ‘The missing Code’ – Photographic exploration on international Women and Identity

2013 ‘The Land of Spirits’ – Personal documentary Project Exploration on Mysticism in Burma.
2013 ‘Butterfly Children’
– Siem Riep, commissioned by Geo Germany

2012 Exhibition to raise awareness on Wildlife issues, Cambodia. 

2011 Kodak Sponsorship, ‘The Caldarari’ – Traditional Roma in Transylvania

2010 PDN Faces first Prize Winner Environmental Portrait , USA
2010 ‘The paradise is female’
Documentary Project on Matriarchy in China
2010 Participation Körber Foto Award
, Germany
2010 Winner Photographers giving Back Award
– Portrait Prize , USA
2010 Exhibition Darmstädter Tage der Fotografie

2009 ‘Laute Stille‘ Project commissioned by Körber Photo Award Germany, 
2009 Canon Profifoto Förderprei
s 09,2 ,Deutschland
2009 Finalistin, Winephoto International Contest, Italy
2009 Nominated for Prix Pictet Award EARTH, UK
2009 Amnesty International Human Rights Award

2008 ‘Memories of a beloved Place‘ – Documentary Project, Transylvania, Romania, exhibited internationally

2006 Best Project Award University of Arts Bremen

2005 ‘Viva la Revolution’, Book and Documentary Film about Cuba

2004 Viverevenezia3, Way-finding System Venice, Book and Exhibition